High End Data Center in a prime location in Central Europe

Focus on the technologies of the future for the businesses of tomorrow.

IRIS Data Center

We live in a data driven world, where the access and storage of information is becoming increasingly necessary. IRIS DC is a datacenter in the Czech Republic which will be state-of the-art; both in terms of design, and applied technologies. 

Bluesio undertakes to build a data center designed for future technologies, such as HPC, AI, Big Data and Web 3.0. The Data Center will be designed to meet the highest quality standards and Tier Certificate Levels up to Tier IV, and will be sustainably built with respect for the environment.

Its unique M-Flex design  will offer IRIS DC the flexibility to service the needs of a wide variety of operators and tenants. It combines cost efficiency with high quality and has the power available to delivery high density if required.

The location in Most, Czech Republic is ideal, since a significant data transmission node with a 100 gigabit per second capacity is nearby.
It will be one of the largest and most secure Tier IV Data Centers in Central Europe. 

Our facility will be spread over two identical buildings, each encompassing 8,000 square meters. Construction of the first building will begin in the fourth quarter of 2023, and take 18 months to completion. Each building will have an energy output of approximately 24 MW, and a capacity of 1800 server racks housed in 32 fully independent and autonomous pods.

Today, we take for granted that when we use our smart phone to surf the web, watch a video, or access the cloud – the data we need will be instantly available. But all of that data doesn’t just appear out of thin air; it must be physically stored … somewhere. And it must be stored in a place where it can be well protected. That’s why we need Data Centers.

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In Czech Republic, only 85 km from Prague, on the outskirts of the city of Most and just 20 kilometers from the German border, plans are currently underway for what will be one of the largest and most secure Data Centers in Central Europe. 

The location is ideal, since a significant data transmission node with a 100 gigabit per second capacity is available.  A multi-carrier setup allows for flexibility in the choice of highly reliable ISP providers available in the region

The location enjoys a moderate climate, allowing for efficient cooling and low PUE.


Data is the new gold, so the facility housing it must be as secure as a bank. Our Data Center will meet the highest security standards: Including a peripheral security fence, road barriers with controlled access, rotating security cameras with infra-red and motion sensors, automated video imaging forensics, and 24-7 security personnel.

Like its surroundings, the inside of the building will be under constant video surveillance. In addition to security personnel, the facility will be protected by an encrypted entrance card system and biometric identification. AI-supported security gateways will automatically detect any human presence on the premises.

Safety also means reliability. It is essential that the facility, along with the equipment in it, be operational at all times. That’s why every one of our systems will have backups; and some of the backup systems will even have backups of their own.

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“Data is an ever growing and vital part of modern life and business. That’s why the planned Tier 4 facility will be designed to ensure that it is housed in an environment that is as secure, efficient, and sustainable as possible.”


Two 110 kilovolt stations, operating independently from one another, will provide power directly to a 35 kilovolt sub-station adjacent to the Data Center. The sub-station itself is powered by three, 40 megawatt transformers. The entire system will be designed to N+1 or 2N specifications depending on requirements, and installed with separate fire barriers for additional protection. This redundancy in the electrical supply system, together with a UPS system and back-up generators, will provide an uninterruptible electricity supply to the facility. Should any part of the system fail, maintenance can be carried out with zero downtime – and no impact on the facility’s operation. IRIS DC will have full autonomy in the selection of the energy supplier and the source of energy (coal, gas, solar, wind or nuclear).


All server rooms will be equipped with an oxygen reduction fire prevention system, and a very early smoke detection system. In the unlikely event of a fire, it will be immediately detected. As an additional precaution, all technical rooms will be designed and built as separate fire protection zones.


Cooling is also important. Fortunately, Czech Republic has a mild climate which is well suited to this task. Efficient and cost-effective air conditioning will cover the building’s needs throughout most of the year. On the rare warm days of summer, inhouse water-cooled modules will be activated. Naturally, all cooling systems will have their own duplicates and backups. As with the electricity, this 2N construction ensures that if any part of the cooling system should fail, it can be maintained with zero impact on the facility’s operations.


All of these systems will be monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by the Network Operations Center. The Operations Center is also where all the information on security systems, automatics and reliability are collected.

Server space

Corporate clients will be able to rent all the server space they might need. Equipment cabinets, sustainably sourced energy, duplicated cooling, connectivity and electricity supply will already be in place. Clients will only need to provide their own servers. If necessary, the Data Center’s local engineers will even be able to install the client’s equipment for them.

Different clients have different needs. Therefore, the building is designed as a modular structure, which allows for flexibility, expansion, and bespoke solutions – without the risk of future works impacting existing customer spaces. Clients may decide to opt for a private suite with custom layout, connectivity and security requirements; this will, in effect, be a smaller, tailor-made Data Center within the main Data Center – which no one but the client will have access to.

M-Flex design

Modular flexible mini data centers, or M-Flex, are a new type of data center that is designed to be highly flexible, modular, and scalable. These data centers are ideal for businesses of all sizes that need a reliable and efficient way to manage their data and computing needs.

Every floor has 16 pods and every building has 4 floors equaling a total number of 64 pods per building and 128 pods for both buildings.


Each building consists of 64 independent PODs with an IT load of up to 250kW per POD, or even 400kW for HPC


The M-Flex data center design allows for installations to be deployed quickly, without interrupting or impacting operations in adjacent part of the building


Clients will be able to choose the desired service levels on a per-POD basis, ranging from uncertified PODs up to Tier IV certified mini-datacenters;

Cost efficient

The building is designed in such a way that up to Tier level IV can be built with low additional complexity and minimal budget impact;